Learn how Anodyne is creating pure carbon negative chemicals from nothing but carbon dioxide, water, and renewable electricity. By transforming carbon dioxide from waste to feedstock, Anodyne is cleaning chemical production and removing carbon from the atmosphere. This is accomplished, according to Manou Davies, Chief Scientific Officer at Anodyne, “by combining the specificity and deficiency of biological catalysts with the robustness, the small reactor footprint, and the fast rates of reaction of electrolyser technology.” The key to Anodyne’s process is their electric engineered enzyme technology, Anozymes™️, that transform CO₂ into organic chemicals.

With investment support from CICE, Anodyne’s first enzymatically produced chemical – EZ-Methanol – is being developed to demonstrate how this low carbon process drives down costs, improves safety and transforms CO₂ waste into new revenues.

Anodyne recently received further funding from Natural Products Canada, accelerating their mission to transform emitted CO₂ into valuable chemicals and low carbon fuels. The company also freshly closed a $6 million seed capital round to further scale its carbon utilization technology.


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