As seen in the June 30th addition of the National Post, Canada is full steam ahead on innovation. The Canadian Innovation campaign showcases how Canadian industry leaders, innovators, investors, policy makers and academia are advancing the world towards a net-zero carbon future. Here’s an article contributed by CICE that highlights some of BC’s amazing, leading-edge clean energy innovators.

Learn how Moment Energy Inc is fulfilling its mission to repurpose all EV batteries for second life use by 2030:

“Moment provides a clean, affordable, and reliable battery storage system by repurposing retired electric vehicle (EV) batteries. More than a funding arm, CICE has facilitated and propelled Moment to develop products widely applicable to many different business streams. With CICE’s support, we know that a large number of 2030’s expected 30 million retired EV batteries can be repurposed into battery storage solutions, providing additional energy for those that require our solutions.”

Chris Benson, Vice-President of Projects and Partnerships at Moment Energy.

Find out how Takachar is converting biomass residues into higher value bioproducts and biofuels:

“We’re developing small-scale, low-cost, and portable systems to deploy to rural, hard-to-access communities that will locally upgrade and densify crop and forest residues on-site into higher-value bioproducts such as fertilizer blends, biofuels, and chemicals. The goal is to create a profitable network of rural communities that are self-sufficient in their production and consumption of key chemicals without reliance on expensive, carbon-intensive imports, thereby advancing climate justice.”

Kevin Kung, Takachar’s Chief Technology Officer

Explore Cascadia Seaweed Corp.’s plans to accelerate the commercialization of large scale agrifeed and biostimulant products:

“Cascadia Seaweed is a vertically integrated agtech company dedicated to addressing climate change and food security. We cultivate local species of seaweed on low-impact ocean farms in partnership with coastal First Nations. We then harvest that seaweed and manufacture biostimulants and agrifeed supplements for land-based farmers that reduce emissions and increase yields.”

Bill Collins, Cascadia’s Chair and Co-Founder

Discover the latest advancements in HTEC‘s plan to build a hydrogen fuel supply infrastructure across Canada:

“HTEC is planning and building multiple clean hydrogen production facilities across Canada. These facilities will supply HTEC’s growing network of hydrogen fueling stations, which will target both light- and heavy-duty transport. Additionally, the company facilitates the transition of medium- and heavy-duty fleets to zero-emission vehicles in Canada and the U.S.” 

Shannon Halliday, HTEC’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

Read the full article on the Innovating Canada website.


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