On June 10th, 2023, Ged McLean, the executive director at the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE), was a guest on Resource Works‘ third episode of the Eco Innovators podcast where he discussed with host Stewart Muir his work to combat climate change. This podcast is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer for free.

In this episode, Ged describes his experience in climate action and discusses the climate concerns we face. One of the main concerns he highlights is a need for more primary energy.

“We need more primary energy…Right now we have a surplus of electricity in British Columbia, but that won’t last for very long. You look at all of the things that we want to do to decarbonize and electrify this, electrify that, right? Electric vehicles, home heating, etc. So the demand on our energy system for energy inputs, electricity principally, is massive. We need lots more.”

Dr. Ged McLean, Executive Director at CICE

Ged also talks about how technology progresses as a result of human interactions. This notion suggests that advancements in technology are driven by the ideas, interactions, and collaborative efforts of individuals.

The podcast details how the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) is influencing the clean energy revolution. CICE serves as a catalyst for the development and expansion of locally created clean energy solutions, with a global impact. Working closely with BC innovators to discover impactful strategies that bring us closer to a net-negative carbon future. Ged ends by outlining some projects that CICE supports in each of the focus areas and describes their climate impact.

“What I think we’re trying to do with CICE is to create intentional communities…it’s all about people, it’s all about bringing people together who are aligned.”

Dr. Ged McLean, Executive Director at CICE

A big thank you to Stewart Muir for highlighting the work that CICE is doing to advance BC’s climate innovations from Canada to the world. Check out other episodes with Ian MacGregor and Vikramaditya Yadav.


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