What if CICE were a human rather than a company? What would they be like? We asked ourselves that question, and this is what we came up with. Meet the Changemaker, a persona that embodies how CICE shows up in the world: positive, tenacious, collaborative, real and approachable.


Passionately committed to protecting the planet for future generations, the Changemaker is exactly that: a champion for change. They recognize the Climate Emergency for what it is: the highest-stakes battle of our time. It’s a do-or-die endeavour, so the Changemaker does. Though guided by a bold vision for a better, greener, cleaner future, the Changemaker is neither an idealogue nor a dreamy idealist. They’re a doer: a roll-up-their-sleeves, fix-what’s-broken systems thinker with a keen sense of what action needs to be taken, how, and why—as well as the capacity to set the wheels in motion so it actually gets done (and done properly). The Changemaker has a great deal to contribute to climate conversations—but they thrive where the rubber hits the road.

The Changemaker’s steadfast dedication to making concrete changes that matter inspires those around them, making others feel like the climate crisis isn’t a lost cause, but rather a challenge that requires the attention and action of all. Together. Now.



The Changemaker’s vision for what could be is what many would call ambitious. Audacious, even. They’re fine with that. They know that only by remaining hopeful—by continuing to believe that better is possible—will they be able to stay the course, and attract others to join them on their journey. The Changemaker is well aware of the grim realities of climate change—of the urgency involved—but knows no one is motivated or inspired by a doomsday vision. Their glass-is-half-full, onward-and-upward approach to saving the world is galvanizing to many.


There’s no challenge too daunting for the Changemaker—in fact, the more complex a challenge is, the more determined they become. They know that tackling the climate crisis is going to be an uphill battle—an unyielding slog. And so the Changemaker will not yield. Will never relent. The source of this tenacity is part passion for solving sticky problems, and part moral duty. After all, what choice do they have? There is no Planet B.


The climate crisis is an all-hands-on-deck kind of challenge that requires the best and the brightest to join forces and attack the problem from all angles. The Changemaker is a good team player who places high value on collective work that is focused on an outcome, deriving satisfaction from adding a specific piece to the whole. And in times when leadership is what’s needed, they lead. The Changemaker is a dynamic people person, adept at both speaking and listening, and able to recognize opportunities to connect disparate players from across their vast network to create something greater than the sum of its parts.


If you ask the Changemaker, the fight to protect our planet is much too big—too important—to exclude anyone. It’s a come-one-come-all endeavour, with plenty of space for big guns and underdogs, and everyone in between. In fact, in their eyes, the more diversity that’s at the table, the more perspectives that are represented, the stronger the collective response to the climate crisis will be. They also take great care to consider those who aren’t represented—to think beyond borders and socioeconomic brackets and remember those who risk being hardest hit by climate change. In the fight for our planet, there is no “us” and “them.” We’re all in this together.


With the Changemaker, what you see is what you get. Their humanity—their straightforward down-to-earthness—attracts and engages others and gets them onside. The Changemaker is honest and transparent, able to admit to their mistakes. As passionate as the Changemaker is about being part of the solution to the climate crisis, they’re the first to admit that they’re also part of the problem. That no one’s perfect. Their humility and easy authenticity make them relatable and easy to trust.


The Changemaker is wicked smart, without question. But they know the only way to win over hearts and minds is to speak to people on their level. To be someone people want to talk to. That means meeting others where they are, whether they’re fellow eco-experts, or brand-new to the cause. When in doubt, the Changemaker errs on the side of being warm, accessible and open to any and all questions.


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