Communities build companies

Building a network of changemakers

British Columbia is home to a thriving, inclusive cleantech innovation community, driven by a highly skilled and diversified workforce.

CICE is partnering with the boldest and brightest changemakers to strengthen B.C.’s innovation chain, create green jobs, and secure a prosperous future where our companies advance the transition to a net-negative emissions world.

Partnering across the clean energy community

B.C. INNOVATORS – Fund and support inventors and entrepreneurs to realize their vision for clean energy solutions, accelerate go-to-market strategies, and scale globally

INDUSTRY LEADERS – Collaborate with large corporations to identify sector-specific demand drivers, define pathways to new technology adoption and market validation, and co-invest in world-changing innovation

POLICY MAKERS – Partner with government and agencies to leverage co-funding investments, improve regulation and amplify the impact of clean energy advancements globally

INVESTORS – Work with private equity and venture capital firms to de-risk investment and provide B.C. companies with access to the financial resources, expertise and networks needed to drive innovation and succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy

ACADEMIA – Team with universities and other academic institutions to conduct targeted research and development, move innovation from the lab to the field, and educate the next generation of skilled innovators

INDIGENOUS RIGHTS HOLDERS – Strategize with First Nations communities and organizations on innovation that impacts their rights or interests – learn from their deep connection to the land and long history of sustainable resource management practices

ECOSYSTEM PLAYERS – Join forces with accelerators, think tanks and other key players that focus on advancing cleantech innovation through mentorship, education programs, networking and funding

Interested in collaborating with CICE? We want to grow our powerful partnership network with you!