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CICE enables clean energy breakthroughs in BC that will have a positive impact in our province and around the world. Together with our members, we’re investing in innovation like the future of the planet depends on it. Because it does.

Our most important stakeholder is, and will always be, Earth.

And the data are clear: we need to act quickly and decisively to protect the planet from the worst effects of climate change. That’s why we’re here. We’re do-ers determined to lead tangible lasting change. 

The CICE Way

Think Big

We’re bold leaders. Our big ideas lead to 10x results for the planet.

Customer Obsession

We’re endlessly inquisitive about customers’ problems—and how to turn them into opportunities.

Speed and Simplicity

Our bias for action prevails. We’re doers. We take calculated risks and seek ways to make things simple.

Results Oriented

We can’t claim success unless we have proof. We’re after measurable outcomes.

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Open Collaboration

We leverage our collective wisdom through open—and short—lines of communication.

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Radical Transparency

We share our views openly. When we disagree, we do so respectfully; once a decision is made, we commit fully.

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Failure is an Option

When we fail, we do it fast, celebrating missteps as opportunities to learn, iterate and improve.

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Attention to Detail

We dig deep to ensure we know our stuff. We leverage this knowledge to make informed decisions

From BC to the World

Incredible carbon-reducing innovation is already happening here. But to make a real impact on GHG reduction, it needs to scale. That’s our focus. We fund solutions that originate in BC but are ready to scale beyond our borders and make a difference planetwide.

Directed Innovation

We’re working with industry leaders in sectors that have traditionally been challenging to decarbonize, including aviation, marine, tech, manufacturing, heavy-duty trucking and extraction. We start with their most pressing and persistent problems, then work backwards to identify innovators whose solutions could help solve those problems, here in BC and elsewhere. We’re thinking globally, and innovating locally—then scaling solutions for planetwide impact.

Open Innovation

No one—including us—knows where, when or how breakthrough solutions are going to emerge. So in parallel with our directed sectoral approach, we make space for the unexpected and unknown. Our open calls welcome BC innovators who are working on game-changing carbon-reducing solutions, regardless of sector or size. Once we’ve connected, we’ll help you scale your ideas for maximum benefit—to your company, to BC, to the planet. 

Meet our team

Our dream team covers all bases. From engineering to finance, startup to big corporate, academic research to business implementation. We have local knowledge and international perspectives; people inclined to move fast, and others who like to dig deep. Diverse in background, experience and approach—and better for it.

Ged Mclean
Executive Director

Dr. Ged McLean is an engineer and innovator who concentrates his efforts on developing and commercializing clean technology solutions. His experience ranges from fundamental academic research to new product innovation.

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Yemi Adefulu
Deputy Executive Director

Yemi Adefulu brings global experience with a background in the corporate energy, financial services and telecom sectors. He has led complex commercial deals and worked in various roles including strategy, technical asset management, new business development and supply chain.

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Brendan Hance
Director of Finance

Brendan Hance is an entrepreneur and fractional CFO. After the successful sale of the family business in 2017, Brendan established a small family office managing a portfolio of investments and a consulting practice working with a diverse range of early stage companies looking to scale.

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Nicole Perkins Baddou
Business Development Partner

Nicole has extensive experience devising and implementing comprehensive, global strategies that mobilize resources, accelerate green growth, and promote climate resilience across diverse economic sectors.

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Raymond Tang
Project Manager - Hydrogen Hub

Raymond has over a decade of consulting experience in grants and incentives, managing R&D projects in the resource and manufacturing sectors. With a technical background in engineering, he is interested in technological advancements and dedicated to bringing projects to fruition.

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Amira Iguer
Venture Partner

Amira has a background in the energy industry working in operations, business development and project management. She is passionate about the clean energy transition and unlocking opportunities with strategic partnerships.

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Omar Mawji
Venture Partner

Omar Mawji has a background in investment management in energy and late-stage venture capital. He is interested in understanding how companies will co-operate and invest in the clean energy transition.

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Ashley Callister
Venture Associate

Ashley Callister has a background in environmental science and 3 years experience in the bioenergy sector. She is passionate about low-carbon solutions and facilitating strategic partnerships to accelerate BC’s bioeconomy.

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Chantelle Carden
Venture Associate - Carbon Management

Chantelle Carden has an extensive background in carbon management systems, carbon credit systems, biofuels and hydrogen – working with the private and public sector for the last 8 years. She is also a recipient of the Hydrogen Economist’s 2022 Women in Hydrogen 50.

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Magda Kolodziej
Administrative Business Partner

After many years in the corporate banking sector, Magda brings extensive experience in project and office management. She is passionate about implementing novel and efficient solutions to support low carbon innovation.

Valerie Henderson
Chief People Officer

Valerie Henderson is a Certified HR Practitioner consulting as a Chief People Officer since 1994 who has established Best HR Practices in many start-up companies who have gone on to have global success. She has worked with executive teams to create high quality teams that share their corporate values.

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Our Board

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Dan Woynillowicz
Board Chair

Dan Woynillowicz is Principal of Polaris Strategy + Insight, a strategic advisory firm helping public, private and non-profit clients navigate the energy transition and find opportunities in climate solutions.

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Andrea Brecka
Board Member

Andrea is the Vice President of Fleet Solutions Americas at Shell. She has 28 years of experience spanning many businesses – refining, trading, supply, retail and B2B sales. She holds director positions on several joint ventures.

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Alan Winter
Board Member

Dr. Alan Winter was British Columbia’s first Innovation Commissioner from 2018-2020. He has been a director of over 30 organizations and companies.

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Careers at CICE

Are you a changemaker? Do you want to play a pivotal role in amplifying the impact of BC’s cleantech sector? We want to hear from you.