A techno-economic and environmental analysis of low carbon hydrogen opportunities in B.C. 

Report summary 

The Potential for Methane Pyrolysis in B.C. analyses opportunities in production and deployment of low carbon hydrogen in B.C. and beyond. It investigates the emerging ideas, approaches, and technologies being advanced in the sector, as well as the regulatory requirements, challenges, and important considerations that need to be addressed to accelerate decarbonization. It includes an in-depth analysis of hydrogen production pathways and the potential to leverage existing energy systems in B.C., based on various scales of end-use applications.  

The Potential for Methane Pyrolysis in B.C. report serves as a foundational document to help innovators, industry leaders, investors, academia, policy makers, and Indigenous rights holders seeking to understand: 

  1. The hydrogen pathways with the highest potential for emissions reduction and economic impact 
  1. Potential innovation areas and opportunities to leverage B.C.’s energy infrastructure for low carbon hydrogen production  
  1. The delivered levelized cost of hydrogen for low carbon production technologies across different scales of demand, including water electrolysis using renewable electricity, reforming of natural gas with carbon capture, utilization and storage, and methane pyrolysis  
  1. Key drivers and barriers to hydrogen adoption within high-emitting sectors  
  1. The potential for decentralized hydrogen production and distribution to maximize B.C.’s existing energy infrastructure and address limitations of centralized production models  

This report was produced by the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy, in collaboration with Orion Projects and Sky Point Resources

The Potential for Methane Pyrolysis in B.C. Report (12MB)

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