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Let’s break new ground, together.

As a CICE member, you’ll play a pivotal role in the growth of BC’s clean innovation ecosystem and have a front row seat to the development of breakthrough solutions that could ultimately help your company in its own journey to decarbonization.

Our Founding Partners

CICE is an independent not-for-profit corporation founded with $105M from the private and public sectors. We’re looking for other visionary companies to join us in unlocking pathways to net zero.

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Membership has its benefits

The most notable benefit of CICE membership is making a meaningful contribution to a cleaner, greener future. But membership has a number of other valuable perks for your business, including access to and influence within BC’s cleantech ecosystem. 

Pathways to Net Zero

Many companies have pledged to achieve Net Zero by 2050, but the path to get there could take many turns. CICE membership augments and accelerates your path to Net Zero. You’ll get to witness the impact of game-changing innovations that can enable your company’s specific decarbonization interests. 

Breakthrough Opportunities

Members have the opportunity to be first in line to adopt and deploy groundbreaking, tried-and-true clean energy solutions that will benefit your business. You’ll unlock access to BC’s cleantech ecosystem, which is poised to become a major player on the world stage. 

Unprecedented Collaboration

Members will be part of a unique partnership between the public and private sectors. Join us in breaking down barriers and toppling siloes in the name of tangible lasting change. You’ll be at the table for important conversations that could influence policy and regulatory frameworks. 

Network and Trend Access

It’s both what you know and who you know. As a member, you’ll stay in the loop on what’s happening in cleantech here in BC and around the world—as well as what’s on the horizon. You’ll also connect with a valuable network of climate experts, innovators and government officials.

The future of cleantech, here in BC

Big things are happening in BC. By becoming a member, you’ll unlock opportunities to tap into a talent-rich ecosystem in an innovation-friendly regulatory environment. We’re also ideally located in the Cascadia corridor, with proximity to emerging markets. 

Tap into the future of cleantech. Become a CICE member.

Please contact us to begin a conversation about how your company and CICE can work together for a better future.

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