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VANCOUVER, BC, July 6, 2022 – On July 5, the British Columbia (B.C.) Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) announced funding awards from their inaugural Open Call for Innovation, which provides grants to catalyze B.C.-based innovators.

CICE 2022 Open Call for Innovation Funding Recipients. Left to right: Ashley Callister (CICE), Robert Pinchuk (Parkland), Yemi Adefulu (CICE), Gary Schubak (Ekona), Soheil Khiavi (Hydron), Jessica Verhagen (Hydra), Shanna Knights (Ballard), Patric Ouellette (HTEC), Richard Wing (Corvus), and Edward Chiang (Moment)

CICE’s first Open Call was launched in January 2022, 90 days following the Centre’s incorporation, inviting innovators with low carbon solutions from across the province to submit applications. Proposals for each of CICE’s five focus areas were encouraged—Battery and Energy Storage, Bio / Synthetic Fuels, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Low Carbon Hydrogen, and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage—with the objective of accelerating commercialization of game-changing solutions developed by B.C.-based companies.

Within CICE’s focus areas, selected projects represent a larger vision, with an anticipated long-term impact on the path to a net zero economy. Once commercialized and scaled-up, the projects are anticipated to result in significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions while growing the B.C. economy through job creation and new export opportunities.

Battery and Energy Storage:

  • Moment Energy Inc. is developing its proprietary battery management system to enhance the affordability of second-life Energy Storage Systems, and
  • Corvus Energy Inc. is redefining battery components for high-speed marine applications to proactively reduce emissions in this hard-to-abate sector.

Bio / Synthetic Fuels and RNG:

  • Hydron Energy is developing a mobile biogas upgrading unit to demonstrate small-scale RNG production, and
  • Parkland Refining BC Ltd. is investigating low carbon feedstocks for refinery co-processing to decarbonize transportation fuels.

Low Carbon Hydrogen:

  • Hydra Energy is scaling-up hydrogen conversions of heavy-duty vehicles across B.C., including the implementation of a new commercial relationship with a major Western Canadian truck dealership, and
  • Ekona Power is producing clean hydrogen through their novel pulsed methane pyrolysis (PMP) technology to help decarbonize natural gas infrastructure, and
  • HTEC is building hydrogen technology and supply solutions to decarbonize certain Port of Vancouver operations, and
  • Ballard Power Systems, using its fuel cell engines developed in BC, is looking to deliver a first-of-its-kind fuel-cell electric truck to stimulate adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

These hydrogen projects directly align with CICE’s focus on accelerating the hydrogen economy and establishing hydrogen hubs in B.C., with some proponents actively participating in CICE’s recently announced B.C. Hydrogen Changemakers Consortium.

While the 2022 Open Call for Innovation is now closed, CICE remains open to B.C.-based opportunities that align with its five focus areas through the Directed Innovation pathway. To learn more, visit the Innovators page at

Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy

Founded by the Government of British Columbia, Shell, and supported by the Canadian Federal Government, the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) is an independent non-profit that takes decisive and urgent action to enable clean energy breakthroughs in BC that will help the province reach net zero and beyond. CICE’s most important stakeholder is the planet; their purpose is first and foremost to protect and preserve the Earth for generations to come. Together with their members, CICE enables clean innovation like the future of the planet depends on it. Because it does. To learn more visit us at or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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