On November 14th at CICE Converge 2023, we had the opportunity to celebrate some of BC’s most inspiring clean energy innovators that are boldly advancing the world towards a net-zero carbon future. Through the collective efforts of our climate-first community, British Columbia is successfully forging new decarbonization pathways – maturing our clean energy advantages to attract investment, create good jobs and build sustainable economic prosperity.

Here’s a list of CICE’s 2023 Changemaker award recipients:

Low carbon bio and synthetic fuels

Anodyne Chemistries is building the world’s first industrial bio-electric process to convert carbon dioxide into low carbon fuels and specialty chemicals.  

Cascadia Seaweed Corp is accelerating the commercialization of large-scale agrifeed and biostimulant projects.  

Deadwood Innovations in partnership with Nak’azdli Development Corporation is transforming low-quality forest residue waste and damaged timber into a high-value, commercial wood product.  

FP Innovations in partnership with Tycrop Trailers, West Fraser, and Lhoosk’uz Dene Nation is combining existing forest sector trucks with a newly developed electrical trailer to reduce fuel use, GHG emissions, the cost of operation, and recover more fibre.  

Innovatree Carbon Group is boosting tree seedling survival and carbon sequestration in the southern interior of B.C. by using its proprietary biochar wood waste mixture as a large-scale replacement for peat moss that emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases and is less effective when growing trees in drought-prone and wildfire-damaged landscapes. 

Lheidli T’enneh First Nation in partnership with Arbios Biotech, Canfor, and LTN Contracting, is testing an end-to-end solution that economically gathers and converts forest residues to renewable bio-oil, which can be used to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). 

Metro Vancouver is generating low carbon fuel from wastewater treatment, boosting biomethane and producing green hydrogen for liquid waste.  

Takachar is turning non-merchantable crop and forest residues into higher-value bioproducts and biofuels in remote communities. 

Lheidli T’enneh slash to SAF project

Carbon management 2023 changemakers

Arca is one of the first companies to be commercializing mineralization for the capture and permanent storage of atmospheric CO2. The company is also working on a project to quantify and validate carbon dioxide removal in alkaline waste.  

Lafarge Canada is scaling carbon capture and utilization at cement plants, transforming CO2 into energy dense liquid fuels and produce a lower carbon intensity cement  

Metaspectral is developing a more accurate and cost-effective tool that will quantify and monitor carbon sequestration and emission levels for agriculture using hyperspectral imagery.  

Miraterra is using proximal sensing that is precise, fast and clean to provide soil health, nutrient and carbon measurement with unrivalled accuracy at an unmatched cost  

Quatern Forest Limited Partnership is measuring forest carbon sequestration using aerial LiDAR-derived individual tree inventories.

Battery technology and energy storage 2023 changemakers  

Atlas Power Technologies Inc is developing a high-power fast responding energy storage system to ensure electrical grid reliability, while supporting renewable energy growth on power grids 
Invinity Energy Systemsis developing vanadium flow batteries at scale to meet the energy storage and charging load requirements for commercial, industrial, and utility-grade grid projects. 

Mangrove Lithium is refining lithium chloride and lithium sulfate from a diverse source of feedstocks into battery grade lithium with zero waste products.  

Moment Energy is developing its Garibaldi all-weather battery energy storage system, capable of providing clean, affordable , and reliable power in the harshest of weather conditions.  

Rainhouse Manufacturing is repurposing electric vehicle battery packs for affordable energy storage and delivery to remote communities.

Low carbon hydrogen 2023 changemakers

H2 Portable Power Corp is reducing GHG emissions on film sets with hydrogen fuel cell generators replacing carbon emitting sources of power.

HTEC is building a weatherized heavy duty hydrogen refueling station that is uniquely Canadian.   

Illuming Power is helping the heavy-duty transportation industry adopt low carbon hydrogen solutions by developing proton exchange membrane fuel cell stacks incorporating cost effective hydrocarbon membranes. 

Simon Fraser University is working together with industry, government and organization partners to produce low-cost, clean hydrogen and de-risk the scale up of hydrogen technologies.

Thanks to everyone that joined us at CICE Converge 2023 to drive change, foster connections, and celebrate the power of innovation. We hope to see all of you next year at CICE Converge 2024!


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